inconvenience teleport DISCONNECT...

Nowadays, some times I cannot teleport to other SIM especially when I played on Grid wide hunting.

I was think "This problems are specific to my viewer" , but it's wrong.
It is a little inconvenience, but we can only waiting for LindenLab to fix this problem.
Maddy Gynoid has interesting opinion.

By the way, I got to Neo-Japan Event.
terrible lag.....

Tops: Free(size:F&M) can get this event.
Backdrop buy this event(Gacha).

I wanted this backdrop, but this is Gacha. 
I worried "If I can't get this background...I spend how much " but I can get this and I satisfy.  w(●^∀^●)w

Hair and Backdrop
buy this event.

I liked it so much , but I gave up because my home is cant put it.
photo contest announcement

Whatever, when "Neo-Japan"  translate to Japanese they translate "Shin-Nihon" and I comes to mind about "New Japan wrestling" LOL