Useful HUD "Outfit Changer" FREE

So awesome hud I found, and introduce how to use!
Many mesh body, head and also other mesh product have, so very hard to manage there.


Default SL's My Outifit folder is not easy to use for me :(

This HUD is so useful and so easy to use, I surprised it... freebie!

OutfitsChanger Version 1.00

Official Blog(How to use but langage is Japanese Only)


Allow the RLV at setting on viewer and  after that viewer is reboot.
*Can't use RLV a Official client and you must choose thirdparty viewer(Firestorm and other)

Step 2:
Make #RLV folder.
Iventory folder right click and  choose  "new", after rename #RLV.
(if you never make it, already make this next step).

Step 3:
Make "*Outfits" folder into #RLV folder.

Step 4:
Make folder into *Outfits and can make a name whatever you want.

want entry item choose and select "copy" and go to your make folder to paste "Paste As link"

EX: I make this.
and, other folder make same manipulation

Add of Attach OutfitsChanger v1.30. 
If not read put reload button(next to logo).

More information, please check creater official blog.

Have fun and enjoy, XOXO.