The Arcade Gacha

Birdy - Boudoir - Pom bed
Birdy - Boudoir - Divider Screen
Birdy - Boudoir - Clothing Rack
Birdy -  Fur Coat  - Maitreya - White
Birdy - Boudoir - Skybox RARE
*Tentacio* Doom girl gacha. Visor blue

*Tentacio* Doom girl gacha. Gun machine RARE
*Tentacio* Doom girl gacha. Weapon bat
I was very wanted "Weapon bat" and get it, think so happy:)
Gun machine and Weapon bat can't attack, there are only decoration.
(In my opinion, that Gun can't attack but you do not bring it PG area.)

#17 Blueberry - Mykonos / COMMON / Bra - Maitreya - Black
#27 Blueberry - Mykonos / COMMON / Pumps - Maitreya - Pixie
(and other items)

and free
Birdy - Boudoir - Gift <3
Gift with include demo's.

It's so cute dog!
Want procure it but, never get it because my bud luck :(

The Arcade